We solve the complexity
of Virtual Care

Contact Health (Contact) is transforming the coordination and delivery
of healthcare outside the doctor’s office and hospital.

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Contact Health Enables

The Future of Healthcare
Delivery in The Home

Healthcare delivery will continue to rapidly transform, even when COVID-19 becomes endemic. Like the retail industry, the delivery of healthcare is now home centric.

Contact Health is co-creating the future of healthcare with some of the largest organizations in the nation. Our partners will tell you that we’ve helped them navigate around the landmines of virtual care, balance their Fee-For-Service and Value Based Payment approach, and reduce the overall risk of scaling a comprehensive virtual care and remote monitoring system.

The Only

Culturally Responsive and
Unified Virtual Care (UVC)
Enterprise Platform

Contact Health removes the complexities, constraints, and challenges connected with providing comprehensive in-home care while fine-tuning the nuances of health economics, engagement, efficacy, personalization, and culture. 

With Contact Health’s UVC platform you’ll have the flexibility, adaptability, and agility you and your clinicians need to adjust to changes in strategy and market demands. 

Leveraging leading-edge analytics, machine intelligence, and real-world data Contact Health will help you uncover novel insights that allow you to make better data-driven, experiential, clinical, and economic decisions.

Simplify, Engage and Change

For Patients, Families, and

Attaining and maintaining behavior change and patient engagement can be a challenge when implementing a virtual care and remote monitoring program. Behavior change is complex because it requires a person to disrupt a current habit while simultaneously fostering a new, possibly unfamiliar, set of actions. Requiring a patient to check a set of daily vital signs with new medical devices, software, and answering health questions provides an unfamiliar environment prone to non-adoption.

Our goal is giving patients, caregivers, and their families what they need to feel better, be in control of their health, and avert an unplanned hospital or doctor’s office visit.

Deliver Care at Scale

Get your Life Back

Healthcare systems and clinicians are operating at the edge of a near-breaking point

Expected to do more with less and, at the same time, produce better outcomes codified by myriad complexities and metrics. Complexity designed into the healthcare system also breeds fragility.

We’re helping healthcare providers become anti-fragile

We understand how healthcare and clinicians work, what they need to make their jobs easy, and the delicate details of changing patient and provider behavior. We give clinicians their lives back, reduce burn-out, and allow them to practice in a more meaningful and impactful way. Freeing them from the mundane, clinicians can now work at the top of their skills.

Contact Health’s Unified Virtual Care (UVC) platform

Is all you will need

Leveraging a cloud-based, Virtual Care as a Service (VCaaS) model, our multilingual UVC
platform seamlessly enables and future-proofs, cross continuum and specialty specific investment in the following features

Care Coordination &
Resource Allocation
Health Economics
Data Science

We Support


Change languages and optimize
your questionnaire to local
audience requirements

Health Survey Creator

User friendly question builder to
create custom monitoring


Empower your patients to report
health outcome indicators through
tablet & mobile applications

Question types

Set up different question types:
single, branching logic, multi-
response, open-ended

User management

Easily enable clinical members
and family caregivers to co-
monitor the patient’s progress


Contact Health uses encrypted
communication to guarantee
patient data confidentiality

Technology SaaS

No high setup costs, included
maintenance and updates


Integrate with your CRM, HIS, EHR
or alternative communication
solutions on demand

Our Mission and Passion

Defines Us

Our Passion

Contact Health is transforming the coordination and delivery of healthcare outside the doctor’s office and hospital. We accomplished this with a clinician and consumer-friendly technology, centralized and distributed teams, the intelligent use of real-world data, accelerating novel and actionable clinical and social insights, and simplification.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health spans and lifespans of chronically ill, high-risk, and underrepresented communities through culturally responsive, trusted, personalized, and digitally enabled experiences.

Want to build an amazing Virtual Care
Program that Clinicians and Patients love?

Want to build an amazing Virtual Care Program that Clinicians and Patients love?

We are Trusted by Healthcare Innovators

Our expertise has helped our clients leap-frog competitors, accelerated the development and implementation of virtual care programs, and sped the transformation required to reduce the risk of managing unique patient populations. Contact Health has designed, developed, and launched in two years, what others have taken five or more.

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